Our Story

MPP is a manufacturer of aluminum die cast automotive products with a history of over 20 years in the business.

Aluminum die-casting has proven itself time and again with its superior performance, pleasing appearance and ease of mass production, earning an indispensable role in modern industry.

Aluminum die cast products are also attracting widespread attention for the excellent recycling characteristics of their materials.

We use aluminum die-casting to develop and manufacture a broad range of automotive products. With the boundless potential for growth in the aluminum die cast industry, we are vigorously working on expanding our operations.

Madison Precision is the proud supplier of products to the following manufacturers:

  • Honda Manufacturing of America
  • Honda Manufacturing of Canada
  • Honda Transmission
  • Honda Precision Parts of Georgia
  • Honda Mexico
  • American Honda
  • Elesys North Carolina
  • Showa Canada
  • AFCO
  • ASMO
  • Aisin Drive Train
  • Aisin Automotive Casting Tennessee
  • Celina Automotive Precision Technology

Aerial View of the Plant



September 9, 1987 (in Delaware)


Toru Kunihiro, Tomoyuki Ueno, Takahiro Ishikura, Sanjay Mittal


Tomoyuki Ueno

Vice President of Operations

Sanjay Mittal


METTS Corporation, Tokyo, Japan (71%) and LMC (29%)

metts corporation | Challenge to the future of light metal



Authorized US $15,000,000
(Paid-in) US $13,470,000


Approximately 395 Associates


231,170 sq. feet
54 Acres (approximately 64,000 tsubo)
1988 Phase I - Building 59,000 sq./ft (approximately 1,660 tsubo)
1991 Phase II - Building 30,000 sq./ft (approximately 884 tsubo)
1996 Phase III - Building 45,000 sq./ft. (approximately 1,266 tsubo)
1999 Phase IV - Building 30,000 sq./ft. (approximately 884 tsubo)
2001 Phase V - Building 12,650 sq./ft. (approximately 354 tsubo)
2005 Phase VI - Building 11,520 sq./ft. (approximately 324 tsubo)
2007 Phase VII - Building 43,000 sq./ft. (approximately 1,208 tsubo)
2013 Phase VIII - Building 62,120 sq./ft. (approximately 1,746 tsubo)


Die Casting · De-burring · Machining

Office Hours

7:00 AM - 3:30 PM EST (Monday-Friday)

Manufacturing Hours

24 Hours / 5 days

Contact us to learn more about what our aluminum die casting manufacturer can do for you. From our facility in Madison, Indiana, we produce parts for our manufacturing clients nationwide.