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Madison Precision Products Announces Expansion

(Madison, Indiana) Madison Precision Products (MPP) today announced an expansion of its Jefferson County plant that includes a building expansion and new equipment. The addition is targeted for completion in March, 2014.

“We are very pleased that MPP has been able to compete successfully for this new expansion,” said Kevin Turner, Vice President of Madison Precision Products. “The new addition and equipment shows our commitment to the community and positions us to continue to grow the facility in the future,” he added.

Madison Precision Products (MPP), a subsidiary of Metts Corporation, was incorporated in 1987 and began operations in Jefferson County in 1989 as a manufacturer of precision aluminum alloy engine components for the automotive segment. Employment has grown from less than 100 in 1989 to over 500 currently, with 79% residing in Jefferson County. MPP also has suppliers performing machining and inspection on products employing 63 in Madison, 9 in New Albany, and 8 in Indianapolis. Since 2007, MPP has adopted a core business viewpoint – choosing to focus on a narrowing range of products with a high degree of technical challenge as well as value-added operations. In this way, MPP can sustain an advantage over other competitors in North America and Asia.

With the expansion, total plant space will rise to nearly 304,000 square feet. It will provide space for increased core business production of a 15pc camholder/rocker shaft set as well as allow consolidation of all machining and assembly operations in the expanded area. Camholder/Rocker shaft production will grow from 1500 sets per day to over 3300 sets per day by the 3rd quarter of 2014. In addition, the new expansion will be a climate-controlled environment (as was 2007 addition) in order to provide a better working environment for people and processes. The amount of manufacturing space climate controlled will grow from under 32,000 existing square feet to over 103,000 square feet. Currently, approximately 70 manufacturing associates work in the controlled environment. After the addition, over 330 manufacturing associates will be in the controlled environment. Processes with sensitive machining and leak testing will also achieve increased overall effectiveness in the improved environment.

Regular hourly wages at MPP range from $11.48/hr to $26.90/hr and include an additional $8.63/hr in fringe benefits. This resulted in a total payroll plus benefits of nearly $21 million in 2012. “MPP prides itself in offering a competitive wage with substantial fringe benefits, such as group health insurance, 401K retirement plans with a company match, life insurance, paid holidays and tuition reimbursement,” stated Kevin Turner. MPP’s other health benefits include, dental, vision, prescription and OTC medication, as well as wellness care that includes free clinic visits, non-narcotic medications at no cost, in/outpatient doctor and specialist referrals, and gym membership reimbursement.

In addition to maintaining over 500 full-time associates, there will be temporary associate employment to support changes in economic conditions/demand, and as a pool to hire from for regular associates. By consolidating common processes in one location with increased automation, it is possible to grow production volume without significantly growing the overall workforce. As automation increases, the ratio of technical support positions such as engineering and maintenance will increase compared to traditional line workers. MPP currently has career opportunities for a Die Casting Engineering Manager and Machining Engineer. Those interested may send resumes to

Contact information:

Kevin Turner, Vice President—(812) 273-4702 x114

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